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Versatile design, ecologically clean materials

Versatile design, ecologically clean materials

by Maarten Weidema

TEF Magazine


Founded in small Armenian town Gyumri, the Twinz eyewear company is specialized in the design and production of handmade wooden eyewear and accessories. After 3 years of experiments and prototypes, the company was established in 2014 by a team of qualified designers and craftsmen, to deliver high-quality wooden products with eco-friendly natural materials. Twinz’s mission is to provide personally designed eyewear that reflects the owner’s personality.


Versatile design, ecologically clean materials, professional craftsmanship are the key strengths of the company.


Each Twinz product is individually designed, handcrafted, tested, and packed. Best plywood, high-quality metal accessories and packaging are being selected for the eyewear. More than 60 manufacturing operations are performed to ensure the highest quality and smoothest edges.

The frames are both strong and flexible, prevented from deformation, moisture, and sunburn. All the frames are processed with special natural oils consisting of 3 ingredients, making the face touch gentle and hypoallergenic. All the products are tested.

Twinz collaborates with Carl Zeiss Vision, an internationally leading technology enterprise operating in the fields of optics and optoelectronics with 170 years of history. Thanks to Carl Zeiss lenses all the Twinz eyeglasses are 100% UV protected.

One of the most important missions of Twinz is to contribute to environmental protection. For each sold pair of Twinz eyeglasses a tree is planted.



 Original article: Twinz // Versatile design, ecologically clean materials - (theeyewearforum.com)


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